Asphalt Repairs - All Year Around

Our Asphalt Sealing Products are Union Controlled in order to provide a consistent unified Black Top Finish. Not that shinny slippery seal that sticks to your feet, an gets on your children clothes.

Pavement Repairs

Power Cleaning

First, we will use High power walk behind blowers clean surface of driveway removing dirt and debris preparing surface for professional True Seal sealer.

Power Sweeping and Blower

Then with Industrial Rotating power brooms in conjunction with handheld wire street brooms we remove tough dirt spots, and power clean.

Driveway Asphalt Repairs

Crack Cleaning

Then we will clean out the main cracks using steel brushes and power blowers and remove any dirt and weeds apply and round up weed killer, in order to prevent the weeds to resurface again.

Crack Filling

Then we will supply and inject the cracks with an Industrial Grade High Rubber Sealant that is also used on roads.

Oil Spot Treatment

Then we will burn out all main oil stains, and treat them with our own Oil Spot Primer which will out last any oil stain treatment out there

Sealing the Driveway

Once all the preparations are completed, we will then use boards to protect adjacent areas such as curbs, sidewalks, walkways, plants etc.
Then we will apply our own Driveway Sealer Called True Seal Liquid Asphalt with professional sprayers which give an even thick coat, which will last you 2 years.

Call 416. 841. 8072

Call 416. 841. 8072

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