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My catch basin is sinking or there is a hole on the side of it, or it's sitting to high and water cant get in or it's to low.

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How much will it cost to fix it

First of all not catch basins are the same and repairs vary.
Most common catch basins today are built on catch basin rings (modualocks) and are the easy ones to fix and is what we call a standard catch basin. Some other types are built on the older system which are on a brick and mortar system.

This repair normally requires to remove all the bricks and rebuild with modern catch basin rings.

Other type of catch basins are called custom catch basin repair work and are sitting on only the pre cast concrete itself and requires custom work. Normally we would have to saw cut the surface perimeter in 1" segment cuts and hand chisel them and then place catch basin rings as required and parge any gaps of the chisel work.
This is what we call custom catch basin repair.

Prices all depend on how many catch basins and what type of repairs are required.

For a free estimate give us a call and we will come out and open each one of them to see what type and what conditions they are in.
Also keep in mind, drain work may be required if pipes have come apart from the outlet hole in the base of catch basin.

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