Hot Rubberized Crack Repairs

Each year, many miles of cracks in asphalt pavements are left unsealed. This allows moisture to creep under the asphalt and pavement deterioration begins. When moisture enters a pavement crack, it slowly works its way down to erode the base. The pavement begins to sink and crumble, causing more cracks to form and creating pot holes.

Water Penetration is the Problem

Water penetration through cracks in asphalt is a destructive process anytime of the year. As water reaches the underlay, the wet soil yields under the weight of passing vehicles, causing settlement and breaking of the asphalt above, and leading to potholes.

During the winter months this water damage is greatly accelerated through freeze-thaw cycles as the wedging action of ice opens small cracks into larger breaks and spider-web cracks, allowing increasing amounts of water to reach the underpayment. During a wet winter, an area of seemingly insignificant cracks can develop into gaping potholes with remarkable speed.

Crack Sealing is the Answer

The best protection against water penetration is sealing all cracks with a hot-applied rubberized joint sealant that meets federal specifications. The superior flexibility and durability of this product, even at very low temperatures, allow it to block water seepage through cracks even under the harshest winter conditions.

Hot Rubberized Crack Sealing Procedures

- Inspecting the asphalt and identify all main suitable cracks to be repaired and sealed.

1 - Then we rout cracks in the asphalt pavement by using heavy duty industrial crack chasing routing machines by a depth of 1/2 by 1" 1/4.

2 - We clean out all loose debris and dry out all the moisture in the cracks and with a rolling measuring stick, we will count on how many feet to be repaired.

3 - Seal the cracks with a mobile crack seal cart and over band the cracks so it will have a complete seal, stopping water entering during the freeze and thaw cycles.

4 - Traffic is allowed in 15 Minutes after application. For minimal disturbances a fine dusting of powdered lime stone can also be applied so that the traffic can move at once.

5 - Due to the routing of the asphalt surfaces, there will be asphalt grinding debris. We include power cleaning and blow asphalt grindings to the curb side and clean up.

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