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Is your driveway uneven at your garage entry? Is your driveway sinking near the garage or on the side? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have the solutions for you. See our steps and procedures below.

Driveway Asphalt Repairs

Steps in Creating a Garage Lip

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This is more less an inexpensive way of repairing and leveling the garage entry pavement. Instead of cutting out the pavement, which is not always necessary, the asphalt get's applied to the surface of existing asphalt and blended into the asphalt with special burners and a combination of plate tamping.

Step 1. First we power clean the surfaces of all loose debris and embedded dirt where asphalt will be laid in order to receive asphalt glue also known as (SS-1) Tack Coat.

Step 2. Then we will Measure approx. 24-36 inches away from garage floor. Then we will snap a straight chalk line to ensure a straight edge out line.

Step 3. Then we will apply a special tack coat adhesive which will be applied on top of the areas ensuring proper adhesion of new asphalt.

Step 4. Then we will start filling in the areas with hot mix asphalt and level areas and compacted with professional heavy duty plate tampers & sometimes a small ride on roller to ensure a smooth finish and leveled evenly at garage entry.

Step 5. Once the asphalt is in place & compacted, we then will start melting the new asphalt edges into the existing asphalt so we can achieve a smooth even transition between the both. This will not only make it look neat and professional it will eliminate any possible tripping edges & prevent it from ever peeling off. Most importantly, it will protect the driveways sub base & prevent further settlement that is caused by water.

Not only that, it will keep the concrete garage floor protected from frost, which normally breaks the concrete surfaces and eventually becomes a pitted eye sore.

Recommended. Once your driveway is fixed, how about topping it up with a fresh coat of jet black top asphalt sealer. The best residential sealer for the past 40 years.

Let's make a deal. Combine the driveway repair with a driveway seal and will save you money.

From concept to finish we are committed to higher standards

True Seal is an all year round asphalt maintenance company working with Paving Contractors, Property Managers, Municipalities, Contractors and Home Owners. At True Seal we understand that we live in a fast paced environment which timing is important. With this in mind, we offer a 24 hour emergency service, next day, or same day service.

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