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Most frequent asked questions about pothole repairs is got to be, how much does it cost and how do you repair them and how long will it last. It all depends on the preparation. If surfaces are properly cleaned and the right amount of Asphalt glue and compaction is being applied it should last 2 to 4 years. We guarantee our pot hole repairs for 2 years.

Note: Never use cold patch as a long term solution. No job is too small or too big.

Step 1. First we inspect the asphalt pavement surfaces and identify all main suitable pot holes and cracked asphalt that is about to turn into a pot hole.

Step 2. Then we will outline areas in spray paint to indicate which ones will be done.

Step 3. Then we will power clean surfaces with industrial blowers to insure all loose debris is removed and dried in order for us to apply asphalt glue (SS-1) This will be done with professional sprayers to insure a full contact bond. In some cases, Hand brush applied, works just as well.

Step 4. Once surfaces and areas are cleaned and dried, we will then apply a bonding agent which is called (SS-1 Tack coat) Asphalt Glue with a spray unit, which will give an even coat. This is very important so all of the asphalt will stick and wont separate. Depending the size, hand applied asphalt glue will do.

Step 5. Prior to repairs, we will fill all the deeper ones first, including low areas, with asphalt. This will insure a solid foundation & prevent from the potholes ever to come back in the same spot. After the prep work is done, we will the patch pave areas in straight edges, square rectangular shapes. Not off set and sloppy.

Step 6. Then with a heavy duty plate tamper and in some cases a small 1 ton asphalt roller, we will the proof roll (compact) areas to proper slopes and grades.

Once completed, Traffic can resume usually in about 15 Minutes after its been done.

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