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Speed Bumps and Road BlocksSpeed Bumps and Road Blocks - All Year Around

Speed bumps and traffic barriers or traffic barricades, provide the tools you need to devise a clearly defined and comprehensive plan to control the flow and placement of traffic in your parking lot.

True Seal provides and installs all types of bumper stoppers (Curbs). This is used mainly when cars are parking to close to builds etc. This will stop the car tires and the car bumping into walls.

There are several types of speed bumps we provide

Hot Asphalt Speed BumpHot Asphalt Speed Bump

There is the hot asphalt type which comes in different sizes.

Rubberized Speed BumpRubberized Speed Bump

Also there is the rubberized type which comes already made and gets pegged or drilled into the pavement.

Speed BumpConstructed of 100% recycled plastic.

Highly visible for orderly.

Parking Lot BlocksParking Lot Blocks

Parking Blocks available in yellow, blue or gray. Attaches easily to concrete with lag bolts or asphalt with spikes.

True Seal Asphalt Maintenance Inc., has been in the asphalt maintenance industry for over 20 years. We specialize in asphalt pavement maintenance for parking lots, roadways and driveways. We are fully equipped to handle any size of project.

Speed Bumps

Our commercial and industrial asphalt services include asphalt sealing, asphalt pot hole repairs, asphalt patch repairs, parking lines and pavement markings, asphalt hot rubberized crack sealing, catch basin repairs, coal tar slurry seal and more.


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